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Governor Bruce Rauner today joined Lt. Governor Sanguinetti, legislative leaders and local elected officials to announce four bipartisan pieces of legislation to streamline local government delivering more control to local communities. 

The proposed legislation, based on the recommendations of the Local Government Consolidation and Unfunded Mandates Task Force, includes:

Citizens Empowerment Act: Empowers Illinois citizens and local governments to consolidate duplicative, excessive or unnecessary units of government via referendum. 

DuPage County Consolidation Powers Expansion: Provides that the Local Government Reduction and Efficiency Division of the Counties Code applies to all counties which currently only applies to DuPage County. 

Evanston Township Consolidation Expansion: Extends to all coterminous townships and municipalities the same authority to consolidate that is currently only provided to Evanston. 

Township Consolidation: Removes arbitrary barriers to township consolidation that exist in statute so local residents or units of government can consolidate if they so choose. 

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Springfield, IL…Today, State Representative Bob Pritchard (R-Hinckley) joined Governor Rauner and other legislators in unveiling legislation, House Bill 4644, which will improve the procurement system by cutting out unnecessary red tape while ensuring the high ethical standards needed in government spending.

“Our procurement system is needlessly inefficient and costly,” Rep Pritchard said. “Well intended legislation from previous years has created more problems than it corrected. This legislation will streamline the process and provide greater flexibility to agencies while continuing to safeguard taxpayer money.”

Chicago—State Representative Bob Pritchard (R-Hinckley) was one of four individuals named ‘Legislator of the Year’ during the Illinois Association of Park Districts convention for his efforts in supporting park district programs and responding to park district issues. Others recognized were Representative Carol Sente, Senator Christine Radogno and Senator Thomas Cullerton.

Pritchard, said over the years he has seen how well- run park districts become a major asset for their communities.  “Parks and their programs attract new residents, engage residents in constructive activities and encourage healthy life styles.  I have been impressed by not only park district summer activities for youth, but also their after school, food nutrition, and educational programming throughout the year” he said.   

“As one concerned about the natural environment,” Pritchard said “parks provide open space for people in our towns and cities to enjoy the beauty of nature, find inner peace and provide sanctuaries for future generations.”  The legislator said he was fortunate to have a number of outstanding park districts in his area that inform him about issues and give him background that is helpful during legislative debate. 

Observations and comments about state government by State Representative Robert W. Pritchard.
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February 1, 2016

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‘State of the State’ Worth Reading
If you missed the Governor’s annual State of the State address on Wednesday, it’s worth reading.  Carefully.  You can do so here.  Sure he reiterated his turn around reforms, but there was a conciliatory tone asking all government branches and sides to work together--to compromise.
He stated that, “to achieve a grand compromise, we must cast partisanship and ideology aside.  We must break from the politics of the past and do what is right for the long term future of our state.”  The Governor repeated words and ideas from President Obama’s recent State of the Union address.  While the President has faced roadblocks from a Republican led legislature, so the Governor has been blocked by a Democrat led General Assembly.

Springfield, IL.... Today State Representative Bob Pritchard (R- Hinckley) filed legislation aimed at creating a path towards funding all of higher education in light of the budget stalemate in Springfield.  The proposal is contingent on providing the Governor the tools to secure revenues and support existing spending.  House Bill 4359 also includes modest, but necessary cuts.  The total spending package is approximately $1.68 billion and would come from general funds.  The higher education appropriations bill includes funding for universities, community colleges and Monetary Assistance grants (MAP) for low income students.