Two Bills Signed by Governor Help Local Residents

Two bills that were suggested by local residents to Representative Bob Pritchard (R-Hinckley) were signed into law by Governor Quinn last week.  One bill could save residents living in unincorporated areas money on electrical bills while the other will make parking more convenient for cancer patients.
House Bill 1745 amends the Illinois Power Agency Act to make it easier for residents who live in unincorporated areas to pass a referendum on electric aggregation. “A current Illinois law allows municipalities, counties and townships to negotiate for lower electric rates on behalf of residential and small-business customers living within their borders,” said Pritchard.  “HB1745 clarifies that the referendum to approve the unit of government to negotiate for a lower rate only needs to be taken in areas of the county not already covered by aggregation.” 
According to Pritchard the idea came from local residents and county officials who were concerned with the confusion and expense of a county-wide vote.  “The law was modified for townships several years ago but did not include counties,” the legislator said. “Many municipalities have already approved aggregation of rates and are saving residents hundreds of dollars per year depending upon their electric usage.” 
Governor Quinn also signed House Bill 1809, another bill sponsored by Pritchard which adds cancer-related conditions to the list of conditions eligible for a temporary disable parking placard. “From personal experience with my family I know that cancer patients often tire easily when walking from a parking lot,” explained Pritchard. “This addition to the law that already includes neurological, arthritic and orthopedic conditions will allow oncological patients to qualify for the temporary placard.”  
Both of these new laws are just common sense added Pritchard, who said they will take effect on January 1, 2014.

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