Pritchard Receives Award

DeKalb, IL... - The Illinois Academy of Audiology (ILAA) is pleased to announce that this year’s recipient of the 2014 Legislative Award is Representative Robert Pritchard.  Representative Pritchard (R-Hinckley) received this award due to his advocacy and commitment to individuals with hearing loss and the profession of Audiology.
He goes the extra mile in order to educate himself about current issues relating to those with hearing and balance impairment and to better understand the field of audiology.  Pritchard takes time to understand the issues audiologists and their patients face. He is very approachable and encourages citizens of all ages to get involved. 
The Illinois Academy of Audiology (ILAA) is the largest professional association for audiologists in Illinois and represents the interests of audiology as a profession and also those of the consumers who receive our services.  A large part of our mission is to promote public awareness of hearing and balance through education, outreach and research. 
Representative Pritchard with Liz Tusler Meyer, BS, and Diane ScheckLong, Au.D., Illinois Academy of Audiology members and his constituents. 
For more information you can also contact the Illinois Academy of Audiology at (800) 963-ILAA (4522).

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