Pritchard Agrees with Governor’s Priorities

Sycamore, IL – Representative Bob Pritchard (R-Sycamore) is in total agreement with the major priorities laid out by Governor Rauner in his first State of the State Address today. 

“From helping businesses be more competitive, to funding education and tax reform including property tax relief, I think the Governor identified the right issues and impediments to solving them,” Pritchard explained.  “I am ready to work in a bipartisan manner to craft legislation that will get our state moving in the right direction.”

Some of those impediments increase the cost of doing business in Illinois and explain why companies and citizens are leaving the state according to the legislator. 

“I will continue working to lower worker compensation, employment insurance and liability costs that are among the highest in the nation,” Pritchard said.  “Our property taxes are too high and I was glad to see the Governor focus on ways to lower those taxes.”

As for the Governor’s highest priority--education—Pritchard agreed with more funding for early childhood, preK-12, higher education and investing in technical and vocational training.

“We will hear how the Governor proposes to re-allocate state spending in his budget address on February 18.”  In the meantime, Pritchard said he is urging the Governor to avoid scheduled cuts in the current budget for early childhood care.  “This program allows low income families to continue working or improving their skills which will lead to better paying jobs,” he added.

“I am ready to work with the Governor in reducing the cost of essential programs such as Medicaid and our criminal justice system.  We need to put inmates to work when they get out of prison and break the cycle of crime due to unemployment and mental health issues,” Pritchard added.  “I will support the Governor’s plans to reduce unfunded state mandates upon local units of government, schools and universities; close loopholes that give special treatment to insiders in our procurement policies and implement better management policies.”

Pritchard admits everyone will have to make sacrifices to get the state’s finances back under control, and reclaim our proud history as a strong and vibrant state.  “We have many strengths and advantages for living and working in Illinois; we just need to be creative in our solutions and get on with fixing what’s not working.”

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