HB 3143 Passes the House

State Representative Pritchard's bill regarding seizures and driving, HB3143, passed the Illinois House of Representatives today. The bill provides that a person commits reckless driving if he or she knowingly drives a vehicle when that person has, within the preceding 6 months, experienced a loss of consciousness or a seizure that would interfere with his or her ability to safely operate a vehicle, unless the person's condition is controlled by medical treatment or medication. The bill is now sent to the Senate for consideration.

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Mike Weber said...

Dear Rep Pritchard:
In reading the above, I have three concerns.

1. Does the doctor have any responsibility in reporting to the Sheriffs Department?
2. If someone has a seizure, then by definition it is not being controlled. Someone could be driving, have had a recent seizure but is under medical treatment. They will drive because they have to. Am I missing something or does this sound like a loophole?
3. Is there a timeline post treatment before one's driver license is reinstated?

Please clarify for us Illinois taxpayers. Thank you,

Michael A. Weber