Governor Rauner Signs Education Funding Bill

The Governor signed signed House Bill 3763 today making appropriations for education funding and the teachers retirement system. The budget bill, one of many sent to the Governor, increases General State aid by $244 million and early education funding by $25 million. The school funding proration rate is up from 89% to 92%.

"I want to commend the Governor on his willingness to work with the majority party in developing a responsible budget." Representative Pritchard said. "I’m glad to see that the Governor has made education an important part of his agenda. By signing this bill increasing the education proration rate we’re seeing that in action. With the budget battle going on in Springfield I am glad that this investment in our children’s future will be out of the crossfire and that our schools will open on time. Now is the time for Speaker Madigan and his fellow Democrats to come back to the table and help break the current stalemate. I’m confident if both sides continue to be willing to negotiate and meet each other halfway we can find a solution that protects our most vulnerable while keeping in mind the fiscal realities of this state."  

Taken together, the budget bills amount to an almost $4 billion dollar over appropriation of state resources. The governor has said he will not sign the whole budget as it is unreasonable and grossly overspends what the state has to work with. 

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