Pritchard Wants State Employees Paid

Springfield, IL.... State Representative Bob Pritchard (R-Sycamore) joins other legislators in asking Speaker Madigan to bring House Bill 4245 to the floor for debate.  The bill creates a continuing appropriation for state worker salaries just as is done for the legislative branch. 

"In this budget crisis, state workers and public university employees should be paid on time and in full just like legislators," Pritchard stated.

As part of the budget implementation last year, the legislative branch was added to the list of continuing appropriations which can be paid even if a budget is not yet approved. The budget year began July 1 without a balanced budget proposal.  Representative Pritchard added he is urging legislative leaders to allow the legislature to work on a balanced budget and the reforms necessary to move our state forward.

"In the meantime I also support a one month budget appropriation that is reflective of available revenue and not assume some make believe revenue amount," Pritchard added.  "The one-month budget bills before the legislature do not fund all of the state's essential services and they continue the pattern of overspending available revenue."

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