Veteran's Employment Preference Bill Signed in to Law

Springfield, IL… A bill aimed at helping veterans obtain jobs was signed in to law by Governor Rauner today. House Bill 3122, filed by Representative Bob Pritchard (R-Sycamore), creates the Illinois Veteran’s Preference in Private Employment Act. The bill was crafted with the input of the USA4militaryfamilies, Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Illinois Department of Human Rights.

“Those that put their lives on the line and serve their country shouldn’t be forgotten when they take off their uniform and seek a job in the private sector,” Rep. Pritchard said.  “While many private companies may want to hire veterans for their leadership, job skills, and experience, they are cautious of violating laws against discrimination.”   

The act allows a private employer to adopt and apply a voluntary veterans' preference employment policy if the policy is in writing, publicly posted with employment information, informs all applicants about the policy, and the policy is implemented uniformly for all employment decisions regarding the hiring, promotion, or reduction of force. Current Illinois law already has a veteran’s policy for employment in the public sector.

“This is by no means a mandate,” Pritchard continued. “It simply gives companies guidelines, should they so choose, to adopt a pro-veterans’ hiring policy.” 

Representative Pritchard has sponsored numerous bills in recent years concerning issues important to military veterans and the USA4militaryfamilies organization.