From the Caucus Blog: New Laws for 2016

The ringing-in of the New Year on January 1st will also mark the start of 237 new state laws. In a legislative session marked by partisan differences on the budget, several of the new laws adopted highlight what members of the General Assembly can accomplish when they agree to work together. Laws scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2016 include: 

Right to Try (P.A. 99-0270, HB 1335) 
Gives terminally ill patients access to medicines that have passed Phase 1 of the FDA approval process but are not yet on pharmacy shelves.  Allows doctors to prescribe to terminally ill patients medicines currently being used in clinical trials.

Increased Penalties for Multiple DUI Offenders (P.A. 99-0296, HB 3533) Requires that repeat DUI offenders must have ALL of their vehicles equipped with Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices, better known as BAIID devices, for longer periods and also requires offenders to be disallowed from reapplying for a license with the Secretary of State’s office until first completing an extended period with a restricted driving permit.

Read the full list of new laws taking effect here.