Statement on Governor Rauner's Veto of SB2043

Springfield, IL...State Representative Bob Pritchard (R-Hinckley) released the statement below following today’s override vote of Senate Bill B2043:

I believe funding for MAP and the State’s community colleges is long overdue but SB2043 does not provide actual dollars to pay for this expenditure. State spending already approved far exceeds available state revenue this year.  Dolling out money without a funding source only adds on to our state’s growing pile of unpaid bills and delays a real discussion of funding such expenditures.

An alternative proposal, House Bill 4539, filed by Rep. Brady and that I support, funds not only MAP and community colleges, but also the state’s public universities, including NIU. It provides a funding source by granting the Governor the authority to manage existing state funds and resources so that students get the money they need immediately. It also won’t add to our state’s massive bill backlog.

Our students and Higher Education institutions deserve more than empty promises from Springfield. They deserve realistic solutions and tangible funding mechanisms. I will continue to urge Speaker Madigan and President Cullerton to take up the issue of college funding again and work together with Governor Rauner on a comprehensive resolution.