General Assembly Moves To Appropriate Human Service Funding

Springfield, IL... On Thursday, the Illinois House and Senate passed Senate Bill 2038, which provides almost $700 million in funding for human services and other important appropriations. The bill is fully funded with the total cost of the bill paid between the Commitment to Human Services Fund and various other state funds. Since it does not appropriate General Revenue Fund money, providers will be able to receive their money as soon as possible rather than be added to the growing list of unpaid State bills. Agencies and groups appropriated include programs to help support mental health, homelessness, and breast and cervical cancer screenings. Not included in the bill was a Republican amendment that would have provided critical emergency funding for state correctional institutions. 

"This is not the necessary full budget appropriation nor is it a solution, but as with the higher education stopgap funding, it is another step in the right direction," Rep. Pritchard said. "Moving forward we must work together to create a more long term, comprehensive resolution to our state's budget issues."