Rep. Pritchard Frustrated With House Budget Process

From the Daily Chronicle:

State Rep. Bob Pritchard was clearly frustrated after Democrats in the Illinois House of Representatives introduced a 500-page spending plan on Wednesday and then called for a vote on it the same day.

"I hate to have the story go for citizens to lose confidence in their government and we’re a bunch of goof-offs down here, but that’s certainly what is happening," Pritchard said. "We’re ignoring the issues, we're allowing people to get hurt."

The budget calls for the state to take in $33.2 billion in revenue and about $40.5 billion in spending, including $14.1 billion in spending from the general revenue fund along with $26.4 billion in payments to state pension funds, transfers to local units of government, debt service and consent decrees and continuing appropriations.

"This budget – it isn’t a budget, it’s a spending plan – it spends another $7.2 billion more than we have," Pritchard said. "The last budget was $4 billion (more,) this one is $7 billion. They won’t talk about how we’re going to generate the revenue for that, they say 'we’re for cuts' but there weren’t any, and they’re just ignoring our constitutional requirement to have a balanced budget."