Rep. Pritchard Vows To Find Real Funding Solution For Higher Ed

Springfield, IL...State Representative Bob Pritchard (R-Sycamore) released the statement below following today’s vote on House Bill 4160:

“Today Speaker Madigan brought another bill before the chamber to use our empty bank account to pay for another valuable program.  While I strongly support funding for the grant for low-income students I also believe we need to fund our colleges and universities as well.  Unlike the bipartisan compromise higher education stopgap legislation passed a few weeks ago, which had a source of funding, the latest higher education bill would only add to our unpaid bills that are costing the state nearly $1 billion in interest charges.  There is no tangible funding attached. I will continue to work with Speaker Madigan and members on all sides of the aisle to find a workable and realistic solution that will give actual funding and a real resolution to the higher education funding crisis. I look forward to working on a balanced budget that addresses the needs and priorities of our state over the next few weeks in session.”