Rep Pritchard to Help in School Funding Reform

Chicago, IL…Today, State Representative Bob Pritchard (R-Hinckley) joined Governor Rauner in announcing the creation of a bipartisan, bicameral commission to reach a compromise for a new, adequate and equitable PK-12 school funding formula. The Governor said he has the agreement of all legislative leaders to appoint members with the task of drawing upon the work of many others over the past 4 years and proposing bipartisan legislation by February 1. Illinois Secretary of Education, Beth Purvis will chair the commission and work closely with Illinois State Board of Education Chair Rev. James Meeks.

Representative Pritchard, who is Republican Spokesman for the House Education Funding Task Force, is among the legislators named to the Commission by Republican Leader Jim Durkin. “I look forward to drafting a bipartisan solution to the school funding inequities,” said Pritchard. “Education is a basic right of citizens that provides a pathway to better careers and quality of life.”

Illinois is last nationally in the percent of funding the state provides per student and has the biggest gap in funding per student from one district to another across the state the legislator said. “We must prioritize more state funding for education, relieve some of the local property tax burden that goes to education and be certain every district has adequate funding based on the needs of their students.”