New Law Expands School Breakfast Options

Springfield, IL… A new law spearheaded through the House by State Representative Bob Pritchard (R-Hinckley) will help to ensure that children are ready to learn when the school day begins.  Senate Bill 2393, signed into law today, employs alternative methods to incorporate breakfast in to the school and provide almost complete funding through federal grants.

Pritchard said current Illinois law requires some schools to have a school breakfast program, but many students are still starting their day off hungry.  Traditional school breakfast programs serve breakfast before the start of the school day and require students to arrive to school early, which can be especially difficult for kids riding the bus and other low income students.  

“’Breakfast after the bell’ will reach more children and help them focus on learning throughout the day,” Rep. Pritchard said.  “We need to make sure that the conditions are right for students to have the best chance to study and succeed.” 

Senate Bill 2393, requires schools with 70 percent or more low income students to implement a “breakfast after the bell” program.  According to Rise and Shine Illinois, the state ranks 42nd in the nation in providing students with a school breakfast.  The new law could help capture $42 million in additional federal funding for schools.