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Sycamore, IL--A group of 23 high school juniors and seniors from DeKalb and Kane Counties have been selected as members of State Representative Bob Pritchard’s Youth Advisory Council. The group meets monthly during the school year to discuss state issues, study local government in Illinois and explore careers in public service.

Pritchard (R-Hinckley) has sponsored the council each year to gain the perspectives of future voters on important state issues and encourage their involvement in public policy formation and operations of local government. “We discuss our constitution and how government is supposed to function and then visit Springfield to see how it actually works,” he said.

The council also supplements what students learn about government in school by focusing on local units of government--like city councils, county boards and park districts--their operations and services to the community. Guest speakers include lobbyists, elected state officials, government staff and state house reporters. “They explain why they got involved in public service, their responsibilities and observations about government operations,” the legislator explains.

“I ask schools to nominate members for the council who are interested in public service and are likely to become future community leaders, Pritchard added. “Too little attention is paid to the role of citizens in a democracy and preparation to be responsible voters, he said. “That was part of my reason in co-sponsoring legislation a few years ago to increase the focus on civics education in school.” 
First Row L-R: Saul Osorio, Grace Villela, Annika Berger, Sarah Geoghegan 
Second Row L-R: Bob Pritchard, Kayla Taft, Haley Ackerman, Joy Ngum, Umar Siddiqui, Jacqueline Contrares, Taylor Miller, Jacob Faivre
Third Row L-R: Madelynne Drescher, Michael Hammond, Hank Barnes, Noah Whitfield, Eamonn Gentry, Kate Majerus 

To learn more about Representative Pritchard’s Youth Advisory Council, contact his District Office by phone: 815-748-3494 or e-mail:

Below is a list of this year’s youth council members and their high school:

Ryan Cilano, Burlington Central

Madelynne Drescher, Burlington Central

Audrey Guio, Cornerstone Christian Academy

Noah Whitfield, Cornerstone Christian Academy

Michael Mitchell, DeKalb

Joy Ngum, DeKalb

Hank Barnes, DeKalb

Aiden Simmons, Genoa-Kingston

Grace Villela, Genoa-Kingston

Saul Osorio, Genoa-Kingston

Jacqueline Contrares, Genoa-Kingston

Hayden Klein, Hiawatha

Haley Ackerman, Hiawatha

Kayla Taft, Hiawatha

Taylor Miller, Hinckley-Big Rock

Eamonn Gentry, Hinckley-Big Rock

Jacob Faivre, Kaneland

Annika Berger, Kaneland

Michael Hammond, Kaneland

Skylar Rolle, Kaneland

Sarah Geoghegan, Sycamore

Umar Siddiqui, Sycamore

Kate Majerus, Sycamore


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