Pritchard Optimistic about State’s Progress

Representative Pritchard is pictured with Senator Syverson
 and Representative Sosnowski 
In his third annual State of the State address to the General Assembly, Governor Rauner reviewed a list of accomplishments that have been made to improve the future of Illinois. State Representative Bob Pritchard (R-Hinckley) said it is good to take note of the record education funding, job creation, reductions in prison population, and improvements in government efficiency that have driven down costs. “We have daunting challenges in Illinois but there has been progress that we should celebrate.”

Pritchard went on to say “I am frustrated along with the Governor in the slow pace of getting a balanced budget, funding for higher education and social services, and reforms that will grow our economy and state revenue. However, there are reasons for optimism and we should focus on the positives rather than all the challenges.”

The Senate bipartisan efforts to craft a comprehensive solution to many of our problems are significant the Representative said. “I am hopeful the Senate’s example will energize the House to action. Making compromises is hard but citizens keep telling me that they want a state budget and the economy to move forward again.”

Pritchard agreed with the Governor’s observation that Illinois is home to some of the greatest research universities in the world. “Technology and innovations, combined with well-prepared graduates from institutions like Northern Illinois University will be the driving force in economic recovery,” the Representative said.

The key to continued progress in solving the state’s challenges will be citizen pressure on the legislature and state leaders Pritchard observed. “While most legislators acknowledge the state needs a budget, cost reduction and reforms to encourage job creation, they are worried citizens won’t support compromises.” The Governor called it a moral obligation for citizens and legislators to work together to bring back hope, opportunity and prosperity to Illinois.

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