Senate Attempts to Break Budget Gridlock

The Senate introduced a bipartisan package of 13 bills that create a framework to advance a reform and budget compromise.  Each bill is contingent on all of the bills passing in order to become law.  The package includes:

SB 1 (Cullerton, J) is an education reform vehicle bill pending the work of the Governors Education Reform Task Force.

SB 2 (Lightford) increases the minimum wage to $11 over five years and establishes a small business tax credit.

SB 3 (Cullerton, T) expands local government consolidation opportunities.

SB 4 (Trotter) authorizes the issuance of $7 billion in general obligation bonds to pay past due bills. 

SB 5 (Cullerton, J) makes Chicago Teacher pension normal cost contributions though a continuing appropriation.

SB 6 (Cullerton, J) is a FY17 supplemental appropriation totaling $45 billion.  The funding is focused on higher education, human services, and agency operations.

SB 7 (Link) is a comprehensive gaming bill.

SB 8 (Harmon-Althoff) is a procurement reform bill to streamline the process for cost savings.

SB 9 (Hutchinson) is a comprehensive revenue bill.  The net revenue increase of $5.56 billion in FY18.

SB 10 (Cullerton, J) permits home rule municipalities to enter into agreements with their lenders to have the State directly transfer taxes, revenues, and grant funds, owed to local governments to t heir lenders.

SB 11 (Cullerton, J) is a comprehensive pension reform bill for TRS, SURS, GARS, Chicago Teachers Pension Fund.  Highlights include a “Consideration model,” and closes new member participation in GARS.

SB 12 (Connelly) is a workers’ compensation reform bill.

SB 13 (Radogno) freezes all taxing district property tax extensions for two years, including home rules units, with exemptions.  Provides school mandate relief for driver’s education, physical education, and third party contracting.

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