Pritchard recognizes Center of Excellence Award Winner

LIBERTY Dental Plan (LIBERTY) is a full service dental benefits company that has been providing dental services to Medicaid beneficiaries across the U.S. since 2005 and in Illinois since 2014, when the State authorized the Medicaid dental managed care program. LIBERTY administers dental benefits for its Illinois medical plan partners including Harmony and NextLevel Health Plans. Under the leadership of its founding dentist, Amir Neshat D.D.S., LIBERTY is committed to providing quality dental benefits with a focus on total body care that will lead to happier and healthier lives for Illinois Medicaid members.

LIBERTY is only able to administer quality oral healthcare through our partnership with Illinois dental providers. We recognize that the best patient care comes from a network of local dentists who have proven their commitment to providing appropriate and timely care for the community they serve.

Over the past two years, LIBERTY has worked closely with community dentists who consistently have demonstrated their commitment and dedication to quality care; and now LIBERTY wishes to recognize these outstanding dental providers with our “Center of Excellence Award.”

LIBERTY selects “Centers of Excellence” through a rigorous evaluation process including, but not limited to, reviews of office safety and compliance, appropriate delivery of dental services compared to regional utilization patterns, high member satisfaction which leads to loyalty and continuity of care, access and availability of appointments, and low member grievances and complaints.

“On behalf of our LIBERTY team, I wish to congratulate these outstanding dental providers and we look forward to a long and quality relationship to improve oral health and the lives of Illinois’s most vulnerable Medicaid population,” said company Founder and President, Dr. Amir Neshat.

"I am delighted to see Dental Fields recognized with this award," said State Representative Bob Pritchard. "They have gone to great lengths to provide quality service, customer satisfaction and necessary oral health care coverage for Medicaid clients and other local residents. Their partnership with the LIBERTY team helps to manage Medicaid costs for taxpayers without sacrificing care and convenience for their patients."

“We truly appreciate Liberty Dental for giving us such a great honor” said Dr. Sharma. “We thank you for your time and for continually working with us. This award means a lot to our company and gives us the motivation to continue to better our community. By receiving this award our dedication to do more to help our patients achieve the best dental care possible has been recognized. Dental Fields is committed to providing the greatest quality of dental care to our community. We provide state of art dental care and treatment to our patients to help them have optimal oral health. A standard of excellence in personalized dental care enables us to provide the quality dental services our patients deserve.”

On February 27th, Representative Robert Pritchard, Dr. Jason Grinter (Illinois LIBERTY Dental Director), and Judy Bowlby (LIBERTY Senior Manager Government Programs) presented the Center of Excellence Award to Dr. Sharma (Owner and President) of Dental Fields.

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