Pritchard To Lead Negotiations on Education Funding Reform

Governor Bruce Rauner recently asked a group of Republican lawmakers to negotiate the school funding reform legislation. Time is running out as the start of the school year is quickly approaching—leaving many school districts without sufficient funding to open in the coming weeks.

While the Governor has been waiting for the school funding bill, Senate Bill 1, to be sent to his desk, no further action can be taken. Currently the bill remains in the Senate, where it has been held by its sponsor since it passed both chamber back in May.

State Representative Bob Pritchard has been designated to the group of lawmakers who will lead negotiations for the Republican Caucus, alongside State Representative Avery Bourne in the House, and Senator Jason Barickman, and Senator Dan McConchie.  They will be meeting with their Democrat colleagues through the weekend to make progress toward an agreement so schools can open on time. Governor Rauner has set July 31st as the deadline for the legislation to come to his desk for consideration. 

Pritchard has been at the forefront of education funding reform, and will use his expertise to lead productive bipartisan negotiations surrounding school funding, to find a solution that is beneficial to both schools and tax payers. If a reasonable compromise cannot be reached, the Govenror will move forward with his plan to issue an amendatory veto of SB1 on Monday.

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