State Employees to Undergo Cybersecurity Training

Governor Bruce Rauner recently signed HB2371 into law, which will help improve Illinois’ cyber-security efforts.

The Governor created the Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) through an Executive Order issued at the start of the 100th General Assembly. The State Agency was created to protect the large scope of data that our state has and continues to acquire, but also to support the infrastructure and future of Illinois.

Rep. Pritchard was a chief co-sponsor of the legislative measure that through DoIT, will provide for the training of state employees on the importance of cybersecurity. This will help improve and protect state computer networks, by giving employees the tools and knowledge to understand the risks of cyber threats and learn the best practices to defend state systems against such attacks. The areas the training program will cover include: identity theft, detecting phishing scams, preventing spyware infections and preventing and responding to data breaches.

Pritchard advocated for the bill to help arm the state against cyber threats, and provide better security to the state’s information and to all Illinois residents. Cybersecurity is a public safety issue, and this legislation provides one further step to help ensuring the safety of all residents and the state infrastructure.

The bill was signed by the Governor at a ceremony in the DoIT Innovation Center in Chicago, and becomes effective January 1st, 2018. Through this bill, Illinois becomes the 15th state to adopt mandatory cyber-security awareness training for state employees.

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