New educational and employment opportunities for Rockford residents signed into law

Legislation co-sponsored by Rep. Bob Pritchard and signed into law today by the Governor will help individuals who have aged out of the K-12 education system obtain an actual high school diploma.

Before this law, an adult over the age of 21 could not earn a high school diploma. Their only recourse for educational advancement was to pass a test to receive a General Education Diploma (GED).  However, for various reasons the number of people pursuing their GED has fallen significantly.

The new law aims at increasing the number of individuals receiving their high school diploma by permitting Goodwill Industries to establish an Excel Center in the Rockford area. The proven program will be open to adult learners who want to earn a high school degree. Classes will be taught by licensed educators and will focus on state graduation requirements and career advancement.

“It is important that Illinois continues to look as new ways to improve the educational and employment opportunities for all of our residents,” explained Rep. Pritchard.  “Excel Centers have a proven track record and will help its graduates obtain better paying jobs.”

Currently, the new law calls for the first center to be located in Rockford, but if successful the program could be expanded in the state. The center will provide case management, career counseling, night classes, onsite day care and offer free tuition to help students succeed in obtaining their high school diploma.

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