Local Students Take Closer Look at State Government

Sycamore, IL—A select group of area high school juniors and seniors are meeting monthly with State Representative Bob Pritchard to share their views on legislation, learn about ways to influence public policy and gain a better insight into state government operations. The 25 students who comprise Pritchard’s Student Advisory Council were selected by their high school to represent their student body and expand their social studies education. The program concludes with a two-day trip to Springfield to observe the General Assembly in action.

“The feedback I receive at these meetings is essential to helping me represent the district’s youth,” said Pritchard. “I also feel a responsibility to help students take a deeper look into the workings of local and state government, and career opportunities in public service.” Pritchard has been sponsoring the Advisory Council for the past 14 years.

At a recent meeting the group discussed the roles of leadership and ethics in Illinois government. With much attention on leadership at all levels of government this year, the discussion focused on the students’ perspectives of effective leadership and ways to improve ethical behavior of public officials.

“In today’s climate we tend to forget that effective leadership is about influencing others, mobilizing action and reaching a desired goal,” said Pritchard. “Our discussion emphasized these ideas, which is important for these students who are approaching voting age, and must be able to choose among candidates for office.”

At future sessions the Advisory Council will discuss the merits of different bills, making priorities for a balanced budget, and functions of local units of government.

To learn more about Representative Pritchard’s Youth Advisory Council, contact his District Office by phone: 815-748-3494 or e-mail: Bob@PritchardStateRep.com.

Members of the Youth Council are pictured above (from the left): Haley Ackerman, Hiawatha; Josh Lederle, Burlington Central; Misty Villagomez, Genoa-Kingston; Griffin Nelson, Sycamore; Hailey Thurlby, Genoa-Kingston; Ali Thahab, DeKalb; Tyler Hull, Sycamore; Clay Ward, DeKalb and Zimar Siddiqui, Central. Also Tom Sestak, Hinckley-Big Rock; Hank Barnes, DeKalb; Reece Lynch, Hinckley-Big Rock; Noah Whitfield, Cornerstone; Riyana Soni, Central; Joy Ngum, DeKalb; Micah Nordmoe, Hiawatha; Kayla Taft, Hiawatha; and Pritchard. Not shown are: Kate Majerus, Sycamore; Breanna Hamrick, Hiawatha; Cliffton Hansen, Genoa-Kingston; Henry Robinson, DeKalb; Sabrina Groce, Cornerstone; Rachel Hodson, Emma May and Isabelle DiPiazza, all from Burlington Central. 

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