Pritchard Celebrates 150th Groundbreaking Anniversary

March 11th is the 150th anniversary of the groundbreaking of the Illinois State capitol building in Springfield. Throughout our state’s history, Illinois has had 6 different capitol buildings in 3 cities. These have included Kaskaskia, the first capitol in 1809, Vandalia, the second capitol designated in 1818, and then Springfield in 1839. The current capitol building in Springfield is the second State House building in this city. The groundbreaking for this historic building took place on March 11, 1868, and it was completed twenty years later. In 2011, the building underwent a renovation to upgrade the building, but the building’s original architecture is still intact. 

Abraham Lincoln was instrumental in the movement to bring the state capitol to Springfield. This move was to help make the capitol more accessible to the entire state, bringing it to a more central location in 1839 when it was moved to Springfield.

The Illinois Capitol building is historic in that it is the tallest non-skyscraper capitol building. Its dome stands at 361 feet high, making it taller than even the U.S. Capitol building. A Springfield city statute even prohibits building taller than the Capitol.

This anniversary of the groundbreaking of our Capitol also serves as an important reminder of another landmark day coming up: Illinois’ 200th birthday. Throughout this year, the state’s bicentennial is being celebrated in communities all over Illinois. Check out to find out more about our state’s history, and the big celebration!

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