Pritchard's Legislation Moves Forward

State Representative Bob Pritchard passed two bills in the House of Representatives this week, that both amend the school code.

HB4514 provides that only persons licensed and endorsed as a school counselor may use the title "school counselor." The Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association has found that some school districts are hiring unlicensed, non-school counselors to serve in this role. The IMHCA supported this legislation to ensure that if a school district hires a school counselor, they will have the credentials required of a licensed school counselor. These requirements were designated by the State Board of Education.

HB4409 will help ease the shortage of Illinois school psychologists. This bill ensures that Nationally Certified School Psychologists do not have to meet additional State-mandated tests to be licensed in Illinois. It is an initiative of the Illinois School Psychologists Association, who contend the national certification sets a high standard of training and further state requirements discourage qualified individuals from practicing in Illinois schools.

Both HB4514 and HB4409 passed unanimously in the House, and will now move forward to the Senate for further consideration.

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